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After a big business merger, 3 best friends celebrate by inviting out an exotic dancer for a night of entertainment. Lusting over the college student and drugged up, one of the gentlemen rapes the young lady and kills her through a struggle. All the guys agree to bury the body to save their careers not knowing her unborn child is from a higher power and her spirit wont rest till she avenges her death.


A new television series based around the lives of the Jones family. Elder brother Travis and sister Cynthia are raising their younger brother Jahkees since their parents passed away. Jahkees a recent graduate bound for college but focus on fast money and refuse to get out the streets. not wanting Jahkees to follow in their footsteps Travis and Cynthia pushes Jahkees to better himself.


Loose Screws is a romantic comedy featuring comedian/actor Rodney Perry. Cousins Lance and Corey are both fresh out of relationships and already looking to jump back in the sack with some new chicks. Problem is they keep having encounters with all the wrong females which is starting to make them both want to throw in the towel. Same time best-friends Ebony and Jasmine are hopeless romantics and both decide to create an online profile for a dating website in hopes to meet Mr. Right. Unfortunately, they keep running into dead ends causing them to lose hope as well.

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