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      Rogers Filmworks is a leading independent film company owned and operated by writer and director Omar Rogers. Rogers Filmworks produces all genres of film from family, action, horror, to romantic comedies. The number 1 goal is to become the biggest independent distributor acquring all the quality films which get overlooked by major companies. Rogers began a career in entertainment as part of the trio ALL AS ONE signed to East-West/ Warner Brothers Records. Rogers also worked in promotion for Teddy Bear Records (E.U., Lady Day) and Block Entertainment (Gorilla Zoe, Rebel Gang). In 2012 Rogers Filmworks began prodution on the film "Dysfunctional", which was written and directed by Omar Rogers. In 2016, Rogers Filmworks will release their second feature "Loose Screws" featuring actor/comedian Rodney Perry (Monique Show, Madeas Big Happy Family). Also in 2016 Rogers Filmworks will be filming the new horror film "Spooked" and t.v. series "The Struggle".


Producer JaDuan Hogan, a Chicago native and overseer of Rogers Filmworks day to day operation. JaDuan is known for Rogers Filmworks movies "Dysfunctional" and "Loose Screws" as lead actor and producer of both films. JaDuan is also notable for his musical works as he is also a talented Hip hop artist. He will be releasing his musical debut in the Fall of 2017.   

Production Manager

Hawaiian native Cline Baker is in charge of casting and is also a Production Manager for Rogers Filmworks projects. Mr. Baker joined the team in 2015 while casting for the film "Loose Screws". He is also responsible for media marketing as well as other business affairs pertaining to Rogers Filmworks. Baker starred in the film "Loose Screws" as Mr. D. which will be released in 2016.

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