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Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Drama

Starring: Devonte Ferrell, Sonya D. Jones, Konica Teaque, Antonial Rivers, Keyshon Miller, Gabrielle Thomas

While crime is at an all time high

in Atlanta, Josh focuses on getting a scholarship going to college to help his mother. As his older sister struggles

with addiction and selling her body

to support her habit,

Josh is determined to be the

one to make a difference.

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Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Omar Rogers, Katie King, Ginger Renee, Carson  Algeo, J. Allen Reeves

After the death of Amber's ex boyfriend

Paul, she's determined to move on and

continue with the new love of her life Chad.

Even though Amber tries to put her past

behind her, she's stalked by a mental

neighbowho is head over hills for

her and is determined to eliminate

all competition at any cost.

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Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Omar Rogers, Tene Odzer, Ginger Renee, B J Wieland-Doucet, Christopher Fisher

As Tony and Sharee Simmons are overjoyed to purchase a new home, they slowly begin to realize that
they are not the only tenants occupying the residence.


Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Drama, Crime

Starring: Omar Rogers, Angie Carter, Rodney Perry, Angie Carter

Vanessa and David are enjoying their beautiful

life in the suburbs of Georgia, peacefully.

Until, an old neighborhood friend of Vanessa's returns home and leases a room from her.

So happy to see and house an old friend,

not knowing she's running from a violent pass

that is slowly catching up to her.

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