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Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Omar Rogers, Tene Odzer, Ginger Renee, B J Wieland-Doucet, Christopher Fisher

As Tony and Sharee Simmons are overjoyed to purchase a new home, they slowly begin to realize that
they are not the only tenants occupying the residence.


Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Drama, Crime

Starring: Omar Rogers, Angie Carter, Rodney Perry, Angie Carter

Vanessa and David are enjoying their beautiful life in the suburbs of Georgia, peacefully. Until, an old
neighborhood friend of Vanessa's returns home and leases a room from her. So happy to see and house
an old friend, not knowing she's running from a violent pass that is slowly catching up to her.

Bad Visitor V2 (3).jpg


Director: Omar Rogers

Genre: Drama, Crime, Action

Starring: Omar Rogers, Sherri Mack, Travis Cutner, Jaduan Hogan


After her daughters die in a car accident, Grandma is determined to get off dope and get herself together to raise her 3 grandchildren. Resulting to the best thing she knows, DOPE. Grandma becomes one of the biggest dealers in the hood teaching her grandchildren how to survive until local gangsters want to take her spot.


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